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POWER BANK facilitates 24x7 Customer Self Service and Customer Management. Self-service technologies are technological interfaces that produce a service independent of direct employee involvement.

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draws on years of experience which aims at higher availability and increased customer satisfaction that comes with it. The features and available self-service functions are elements that can be adapted to suit your existing practice and workflow fully.

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Automated Self-Service Solutions to Drive Your Success. With years of experience, POWERTELCO automated customer service solutions are designed to meet communication service providers' needs.

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Advanced Cheque Automation System Cheque Automation System is a fully secure, high available and scalable solution that is fully configurable to match the Banks work-flow, resulting in much reduced processing time and cost savings.

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Bill Payment Solution Advanced Bill payment Solution (ABP) is an ATM-like machine used to pay utility bills instead of withdrawing cash from a bank account.

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Advanced Digital Signage (ADS) Advanced Digital Signage is the central manager for your Digital Signage network. It gets installed on your desktop and you manage and configure all of your remote digital signage displays.

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Advanced Reception Management (ARM) The objective is to provide the best possible experience for visiting customers, from unmanaged disorderly waiting to customized reception with active waiting time information.

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Money Remittance System POWERMRS is a comprehensive and advanced money remittance system that can be used by Money Transfer Operators, Banks & Financial Institutions and Mobile Money Providers.

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